Born out of a love for storytelling, Animail Adventures invites you to join Nikki on her adventures around the world meeting new animals and exploring the wonders of nature.

What is Animail Adventures?

Animail Adventures is a monthly animal letter subscription that will get your kids (and you!) excited about learning, stimulate creativity and encourage curiosity about the world around us.

Each month, open your mailbox to find an envelope with a beautifully illustrated letter, a sketchbook page with animal drawing instructions, a double-sided map, and much more!


    Receive a beautiful illustrated letter filled with facts about animals, use trading cards as educational flash cards, check your knowledge while working on the downloadable materials.


    Stickers, trading cards, postcards, greeting cards, faux postage stamps, and even more stickers! Writing letters to their grandparents about what they've learned in the newest Animail is a great way to nurture these special bonds.


    Use the “how to draw” page to practice your drawing skills, design a beautiful envelope, color your letter, practice your writing skills or simply use the stickers and postcards in your journal or planner.



  • beautifully hand-illustrated double-sided letter turned into a high quality print

  • hand-illustrated map of the journey described in the letter for you to follow along while reading featuring a tree or a plant native to the region of the world that the story takes place in

  • illustrated map of the world showing the distribution of the animal - a great way for parents to further incorporate geography into their child’s education

  • page from a stamp sketchbook - with fun facts and a short information about the animal featured on a vintage postage stamp

  • “how to draw” page inspiring you to pick up your pencil and get artistic


You will receive everything from the Letter Tier plus:

  • high-quality collectible die-cut stickers that you can stick onto your lunch box, water bottle, or favorite journal

  • beautifully shimmering collectible card with animal facts on the back and a QR code allowing you to listen to the animal of the month instantly!

Look for a secret animal fun fact hidden inside the sticker packaging!


The Pen Pal Tier is the crème de la crème of Animail Adventures!

In your package you’ll find everything from the previous tiers plus:

  • hand-illustrated greeting card that is blank inside and allows you to use it however you please

  • beautifully hand-illustrated postcard for a quick way to say “I’m thinking of you”

  • letter writing set with three different letter paper designs (six pages total) and three different envelopes

  • envelope seals, address labels, faux postage stamps, and stickers to decorate the envelopes with

  • four USPS stamp so you never have to run to the post office

All of this perfectly curated around the animal of the month theme.