My name is Nikki, and I'm the person behind Animail Adventures. I created it out of love for the disappearing art of writing letters as well as my passion for sharing knowledge about nature, travels, and the world surrounding us. Helping others was always one of my biggest drivers in life. Now I am able to do it in the form that I really am passionate about.


So What's Your Backstory?

I live in Florida but spent most of my life in Poland. I was always fascinated with nature. My Mom, the biology teacher, planted a seed of curiosity in me. She vividly remembers when, as a little girl, I was asking her to pick up an iron bird feeder in our garden so that I could see all the worms underneath it. I know, right?! From helping a swan with a broken wing recover, observing hedgehogs walking around our garden at dawn, helping the frogs safely cross the street to the lake during early spring, to putting out a fire in a field, I've always been very close to nature. I can name all of the trees in the Polish forests by their leaves and seeds and recognize the birds by the sounds they make. 

I was studying medicine in Poland before deciding to risk it all, buying a one-way ticket to the USA to take my future into my own hands and pursue an art career. My drive for helping others – along with my love for freehand illustration, vintage postage stamps, and entrepreneurship – has been pulling me towards this path for a long time. This is how Animail Adventured was created. 

Every aspect of the monthly letter is 100% custom-made from start to finish. With the help of my loving partner, Gavin, we hand-pack the envelopes and boxes and stamp each of them.

I hope you love reading these letters as much as I love creating them, and thank you for coming along on this journey with me!