Cheetahs, the fastest animals on land, make a lot of interesting sounds. Let's learn about these sounds and what they mean! 🎶
Chirping: Cheetahs make chirping sounds like little birds. This is how moms talk to their cubs to keep track of them.
Chirring: When cheetahs are excited or interested in something, they make a funny, pulsing sound called chirring.


Purring: Just like house cats, cheetahs purr when they are happy and relaxed. They purr when they are resting or playing nicely with each other.
Growling: If a cheetah feels threatened or wants to show who's boss, it growls. This deep sound tells others to stay away.


Hissing: When a cheetah is scared or defending itself, it hisses like a snake. This sharp sound means it feels threatened.



Moaning: Sometimes cheetahs make low, moaning sounds. They do this when they're calling out to each other, especially when looking for a mate or feeling upset.


Yelping: Cheetah cubs yelp when they need help or feel uncomfortable. These short, high-pitched barks get their mom’s attention. 

Yowling: When cheetahs are very agitated or in a confrontation, they yowl. This long, loud sound shows they are upset and ready to fight.




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