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Pen Pal Tier - 6 months

Pen Pal Tier - 6 months

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Looking for a thoughtful gift for an animal lover? Look no further! 

Subscribe to get one letter per month from Nikki, describing her adventures meeting new animals and getting to know them! 

The pen pal tier consists of:

- a beautifully illustrated double-sided letter,

- a double-sided map (the map of the adventure described in the monthly letter and a map of the species distribution around the world),

- a sketchbook page with fun facts about the animal and a "how to draw" guide

- access to our downloadable worksheets that will check your animal knowledge and provide some extra fun

- 3 high-quality collectible die-cut stickers that you can stick onto your favorite journal, lunch box or water bottle

- a high quality collectible trading card with animal facts on the back and a QR code that allows you to listen to the animal of the month instantly - use it as a flashcard for quick study revision, collect it in the trading card album or stick it in your journal

- a greeting card

- a postcard 

- letter writing paper with 3 different designs (6 pages total)

- matching envelopes (3 total)

- envelope seals, address labels, faux postage stamps, and stickers to decorate the envelopes 

- 4 USPS stamp for an easy use  

Sending gestures of kindness to others have never been easier!


Your card will be billed at checkout for the full amount. It automatically renews every 6 months until you cancel. We offer free shipping on all US subscriptions. For international subscribers a postage cost will be added.


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